Subscription and Gift Boxes

Hemp1848 Inc. is a subscription box service that provides its customers with a curated selection of high-quality hemp products. The company’s mission is to educate people about the benefits of hemp and to make it accessible to everyone. By joining Hemp1848 Inc., you will have access to a variety of hemp-based products that are designed to improve your overall health and well-being.

One of the primary benefits of joining Hemp1848 Inc. is that you will have access to a range of products that contain THCA and other cannabinoids. THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a precursor to THC, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. THCA is found in raw cannabis and is believed to have a range of health benefits. When THCA is exposed to heat, it is converted to THC, which is then absorbed by the body.

Research has shown that THCA has a range of potential health benefits, including reducing inflammation, alleviating pain, and improving sleep quality. THCA has also been found to have neuroprotective properties, which could make it an effective treatment for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.

In addition to THCA, Hemp1848 Inc. also offers products that contain other cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBG, and CBN. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the most well-known cannabinoids and is believed to have a range of health benefits. CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety, alleviate pain, and improve sleep quality. CBG, or cannabigerol, is another cannabinoid that is believed to have anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. CBN, or cannabinol, is a minor cannabinoid that is believed to have sedative properties and may help promote sleep.

By joining Hemp1848 Inc., you will have access to a variety of products that contain these cannabinoids, which can help you achieve optimal health and well-being. The company offers a range of products, including tinctures, edibles, topicals, and more, so you can find the product that works best for you.

In addition to providing access to high-quality hemp products, Hemp1848 Inc. also offers a range of educational resources to help you learn more about the benefits of hemp. The company’s website features articles, videos, and other resources that are designed to help you understand how hemp can improve your health and well-being.

Overall, if you’re looking to improve your health and well-being, joining the Hemp1848 Inc. subscription box is a great way to explore the potential benefits of THCA and other cannabinoids. By providing access to high-quality hemp products and educational resources, the company is committed to helping people achieve optimal health and well-being.

Silver lush

Hemp1848 now has Subscription and Gift Boxes. We will have four (4) sizes Silver, Gold, Platinum and Double Platinum. Each Box will have different CBD items to help you manage your health. You will be able to choose from a list of diverse CBD products for each box you choose with new items to choose from monthly. For subscription boxes you will be able to choose month to month or save money with our 3 to 6 month program. Prices will start at $79.00 for Sliver to $149.00 Double Platinum box.

You will be able to choose one (1) of each item per box. The Silver Lush will have three (3) items, Gold Light will have four (4) items, Platinum Green five (5) items and Double Platinum Green six (6) items.

1000mg tincture, 2000mg tincture, 3000mg tincture, 1000mg balms and salves, 2000mg balms and salves, 1000 mg roll, CBD gummies, Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Hemperettes, Hash, Dabbs and an assortment of Smoking accessories.

( strong and regular) and hard candies. You will also choose from our collection of High CBD flower strain ( receiving 1/4 ounce) plus any of our vape carts.

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