Pain Salve CBD 1000 mg (Small) For Pain Relief and Pain Management. Healing Rub!

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Introducing Hemp1848 Pain Salve, our brand new CBD pain-destroying solution. Packed with 1000mg of 100% Hemp-Extracted CBD and paired with Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter and an amazing Essential Oil blend, use just a small amount to fight muscle pain, inflammation and arthritis while leaving your skin moisturized and healed.

1000 mg CBD Salve

Infused with a large measurement of hemp-derived CBD. Our natural salve targets where the discomfort is in the body and acts quickly to ease tension and aches. A little bit of CBD salve goes a long way, rub some onto your sorest muscles and joints, and experience less discomfort for hours. Hence the popularity of CBD, a non-addictive, natural alternative that goes to work immediately on problematic areas of the body.

Our 1000 mg CBD salve, are made in small batches, with great care, using only natural ingredients. Stop by Hemp1848. There you will smell the heavenly scents of our fresh ingredients in the air and will see for yourself and love and passion that we devote to our artisan line of body care products.

Third-Party tested CBD

Our 1000 mg CBD salve does not contain THC. All Hemp1848 Inc. CBD is hemp-derived and third-party tested. We take the extra step of certifying that our hemp CBD products do not contain harmful substances such as pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals. A vital step because hemp is known for removing toxic elements and chemicals from the soil. In fact, hemp remediated the soil of Chernobyl after the nuclear disaster. The latest news is that, while still uninhabitable by humans, Chernobyl’s plants and animals are thriving and healthy. Many credit hemp’s soil remediation for this reemergence of nature. Credit to this powerful plant, and a reminder to be cautious of CBD not tested for toxic materials.

How to use CBD salve

Hemp1848s'1000 mg CBD salve is a topical ointment applied directly to problem areas. It works immediately to help minimize discomfort. In addition, a little bit is all that is needed; rub our natural salve into the skin for 20-30 seconds. Within minutes you should experience less body discomfort and aches. Hemp salve typically works for 1-3 hours before you need to reapply.

What is the difference between hemp salve and CBD salve?

CBD is the active ingredient that mildly but effectively addresses body discomfort and assists with sleeping, nervousness, and much more. It is the compound backed by peer-reviewed studies and changing the world by offering a non-addictive and natural alternative to opiates and other dangerous and toxic substances. Some call their CBD salve “hemp salve.” CBD comes from hemp, so it is an accurate description. However, some hemp salves do not contain CBD and contain only hempseed, which does not have the same restorative properties.

It is best to buy a balm that you know is infused with the highest quality CBD extracts, like Hemp1848 Organics 1000 mg CBD salve. This topical can help you manage your pain.

Available in 2oz, 4oz, 6oz, or 8oz

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