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Hemp1848 is now offering the best quality and priced THCA flower wholesale. We have sourced the best quality THCA at a great price from some of the best growers around the country. All our THCA come with COA’s.

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What Is THC-A?

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Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid, or THC-A, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid, which means you can find it in the cannabis plant before harvesting it. THC-A is the precursor of the better-known Delta 9 THC, but THC-A is not psychoactive.

THC-A is the acidic version of THC then THC-A is a different compound with different effects on your mind and body.

THC-A transforms into THC during the decarboxylation process, in which producers heat the flower to remove humidity and activate the intoxicating properties. The heat makes THC-A lose its carboxyl acid, turning it into THC and giving it psychoactive power.

Keeping THC-A from turning into THC can be a challenge. But innovative brands like Binoid have found a way to make it stable so you can enjoy its benefits.

How Does THC-A Compare To THC?

The best way to understand what THC-A is and what it can do for you is to compare it to its chemical successor, THC. Although regular THC comes from THC-A, the latter doesn’t have the psychoactive properties of the first one.

In the short term, THC-A shares some physical incidences in your body more than THC, but regardless of how much you use, you won’t get high. Your mind stays on the ground, fully aware of reality.

Instead, THC-A has therapeutical bodily and mental effects in the mid and long-term without intoxicating you. Thus, it is a source of significant potential medical benefits.

But if you are looking for potency, then you are looking for the Binoid THC-H Cartridge. THC-H is another variation of everyday THC but has 25 times more affinity with your endocannabinoid system than THC. That makes it way more potent than your regular vapes.

Hemp1848 carries third-party tested, organically grown, and with no pesticides. We carry amounts from grams to pounds of the best THCA flower you can find. We carry multiple strains of top-quality Thca flower for your enjoyment and health management.

What Benefits Are There To Using THC-A?

As you can see above, consuming THC-A has potential medical benefits that can help you prevent and reduce multiple discomforts. Then, it will increase your sensation of well-being during the time you use it and after.

THC-A can become a favorite among medical users who must consume cannabinoids like THC but don’t want the intoxicating effects.

Still, whether you are a medical user or just looking for fun, always get your products from reputable brands. Binoid has no parallel when selling top-quality products with all kinds of cannabinoids. Even the newest or unknown.

For instance, Binoid has THC-P Cartridges, which are hard to find. But most importantly, these cartridges are the most potent vapes you will find on the market. THC-P has 30 times more affinity with your endocannabinoid system than Delta-9 THC. That makes it the most potent cannabinoid there is. Thus, go slow with it.

Keep an eye out for what the cannabis industry has to offer regarding THC-A, and always consume with responsibility.

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